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This is the Official Marketplace for Foskaay Forum, Nigeria’s No1 Best Questions and Answers Forum

You have access to a range of products and services to select from. When visiting the marketplace think of it as going to a nearby offline market where you have just anything you want to buy available from different sellers.

Nationwide delivery is available plus varieties of payment options

You can also have a store of your own within the market place and have access to a lot of benefits beyond just starting up your own store.

…Some of the BENEFITS of having a shop or store on Foskaay forum Marketplace are:

1. Setup store in 30minutes without need for technical know how

2. Need help with your store, our customer support get your back to ensure things goes on smoothly

3. Huge traffic and exposure, Since Foskaay forum marketplace gets traffic, your store will get more exposure, meaning more chances of sales on a daily bases

4. SEO benefits: You don’t need much of optimization to have your store products and services show up on Google, Bing and other top search engines. Foskaay has done that for you.

5. Escrow: When the need arises, we provide escrow service to protect both SELLER and BUYER

6. Varieties of payment options

To get started REGISTER and LOGIN from the menu option on top of this page.