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You say 'African music' and you think 'tribal drumming.' But there's a lot of African music that's like James Brown, and a lot, too, that sounds very Hispanic. Damian Marley
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James Brown is the perfect example of flashy but classy. Classy doesn't have to mean boring. His gear was flamboyant but without being so over the top. The cape was probably the biggest part of his persona. He looked like Superman. Mayer Hawthorne
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I used to break dance. I can do some good James Brown footwork. But now I think I've danced too much. My girlfriend made fun of me: 'Enough with the dancing.' Sam Rockwell
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My definition of hip hop is taking elements from many other spheres of music to make hip hop. Whether it be breakbeat, whether it be the groove and grunt of James Brown or the pickle-pop sounds of Kraftwerk or Yellow Magic Orchestra, hip hop is also part of what they call hip-house now, or trip hop, or even parts of drum n' bass. Afrika Bambaataa
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But that kind of falls in line; when you think about it, James Brown was a funk minimalist. All of those parts create a sum that's larger than than the individual parts. Charlie Hunter
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James Brown became my father. He would talk to me the way a father talked to a son. He became the father I never had. Al Sharpton
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What I like about Elvis is the same thing I like about James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince. These guys, back in the day, there was no smoke and mirrors. It was just raw talent. They would step out onstage and command an audience. Talk about awesome. Bruno Mars
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Fortunately, I'm known as the hardest-working woman in showbiz, not to compete with James Brown. I've always been a multi-tasker. Tamara Tunie
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One night all the James Brown band was playing on stage and I look in the back and I could see Mick Jagger and Keith Richards trying to get in the club and they couldn't get in cause it was to crowded. Tommy Chong
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James Brown was my favorite, my absolute idol. Every time I played with him was like a music lesson, and I never thought I could be so funky! I mean, a white boy from Canada - a Jew - getting down with his funky bad self! Paul Shaffer I love a good lyricist - always have. The thing that inspired me most was the different performers, like Tina Turner, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Madonna, even Janet Jackson. Jennifer Lopez
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Doing this James Brown thing for the last couple of days has been ideal. But it's a different kind of fun. Jules Shear
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I felt Michael Jackson was inspired a little bit more from the elegance of a Fred Astaire. Michael loved Sammy Davis, Jr. and James Brown and Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. But he wasn't any of those people. To be inspired is one thing, but he made it all his own. Kenny Ortega
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I grew up in Deptford in south London, and at that time I used to wear toppers, loon pants and tonic suits from shops like Take 6 and Topman. I was a bit of a soul boy, but I had a very eclectic taste in music - I was into James Brown and Bowie; and I was the only kid in the neighbourhood who would also be listening to Chopin. Gary Oldman
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I've studied a lot of great people over the years - Pete Seeger, James Brown - and tried to incorporate elements that I've admired, though I can't say I dance like James. John Fogerty
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Anyone who can do the splits and come back up on the backbeat, as James Brown and Prince can, has my eternal respect. Prince, who is a genius of the highest order, can come back up while singing and playing the guitar. Bill Nighy
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When I first played New York, it was with James Brown at the Apollo, and I was playing in a band under the name The Valentinos. I remember Sam Cooke saying, 'I want you to go in there with James Brown. I couldn't be as hard on you as James Brown would be.' But we came out marching like soldiers. Bobby Womack
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In '87, I used to do this awful, awful James Brown impression. Wanda Sykes
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I love Sly Stone and James Brown and Stevie Wonder, and I want my music to reflect some of that. Al Jarreau
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It's like James Brown used to say... I don't know, but whatever I play it's got to be funky. Curtis Jones
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James Brown is the reason I play guitar. Kevin Eubanks
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I was never really that interested in the punk movement. I was a blues guy: I liked Motown, James Brown. Gary Oldman
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I was a James Brown junkie as a kid. L.A. Reid
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I grew in the inner city, listening to Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, James Brown, The Commodores - lots of soul music. Stefon Harris
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The hardest thing about being James Brown is I have to live. I don't have no down time. James Brown
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You want a hero in the music world? James Brown. He brought a feeling to music without really using words. He's just famous for his sound. David Lee Roth
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I've been to two stadium gigs in my life. One was James Brown and the other was Pink Floyd. They both sounded the same. I couldn't tell the difference between James Brown and Pink Floyd. I've never liked stadiums. Boz Burrell
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I usually listen to various kind of singers. Curtis Mayfield was my favorite. James Brown, Tina Turner, queen of soul, I started to get that musical essence from that time before I even do my first song. Burning Spear
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You can't really dance properly to James Brown. If you dance to James Brown, you look like an idiot. There's a lot of jerking. Sandra Bullock
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If it weren't for the mentorship and guidance from people like my mother, James Brown and others, I wouldn't have been able to make something of my life. Al Sharpton James Brown died owing me $50,000. But I loved James Brown. Don King
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I think the best thing about being James Brown is looking at my little son. Hopefully I can make my son a role model to a lot of people. James Brown
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James Brown is important because he decorates the clock correctly and he's good with lower mathematics. Don't get me wrong - he's good. Captain Beefheart
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Every James Brown cut makes a party get crazy. He's the god of all music. I always play different wild remixes of his songs because people start bugging out when they realise what I'm playing. Afrika Bambaataa
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James Brown was one of the first artists who found four bars that he liked and played them the entire way through, and then he just added to it vocally. Brian Austin Green
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Charles and I are from Augusta, Ga. - so we come from James Brown territory, soul music and Motown. And Charles has always had a lot of Southern rock in there as well. Dave Haywood
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Where I came from in the country, there was no place to hear pop music like Little Richard and people like that. Later, I heard James Brown, Otis Redding, The Drifters, The Four Aces, The Ink Spots.
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Psy is fantastic. He's shifted the planet. He's got the whole world dancing. And it's a rarity in this world. Only four people made that happen in history - James Brown, Michael Jackson, yours truly and Psy. MC Hammer
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My dad was into the 1950s doo-wop era. If you look at those groups, or at James Brown, Jackie Wilson and the Temptations in the 1960s, you'll see you had to be sharp onstage. Bruno Mars
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You go through the Civil Rights struggle, everybody knew the songs - 'We shall overcome.' Everybody would sing it. Music helped us. James Brown, 'Say It Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud.' They helped black people figure out how to navigate what was a very treacherous place in America for them. Geoffrey Canada