Huobi Point Card Ultimate Guide: All You Need To Know

In this Huobi Point Card Ultimate Guide, I answered your mind bothering frequently asked questions about What is Huobi Point Card, How To Get/Buy Huobi Point Card, How To Use Huobi Point Card and a lot more.


Huobi Point Card Ultimate Guide

I will take each question and provide answers to it but if you love to watch a video instead, then an in-depth video is available for you free below to start with:



But if you prefer a text-based version, then let get into it as well below:

Question 1: What Is Huobi Point Card?

Huobi Point Card is a point-based card that you can use to pay for trading fees and other related fees on Huobi Global Exchanges.


Question 2: How To Buy/Get Huobi Point Card?

There are three major ways to buy Huobi Point Card, Only two are officially recognized methods by Huobi while I added the third as it still works legitimately. So, let check them out:

(1) Transfer: Get it transferred to your account

(2) Discount Sales: You can take advantage of Huobi official discount sales whenever available to buy/get it.

(3) Buy From Friend: Do you have a friend, that has Huobi Point Card? Then, you can purchase it from them while they make use of method 1 above to send it to you via transfer.


Question 3: How To Use Huobi Point Card?

You can use Huobi Point Card to pay for trading fees on Huobi Exchange.


Question 4: Can You Transfer Huobi Point Card?

Yes, You can transfer Huobi Point from one Huobi Exchange account to another.


Question 5: Can You Withdraw Huobi Point Card?

No, You can not withdraw Huobi Point Card as no feature allows it in your account. But that is not the end of the road to withdraw your point card because have provided you with a simple but easy trick to legitimately withdraw your Huobi Point Card for cash in the video version of this Huobi Point Card Ultimate Guide, so ensure you watch the video above to discover it.


Question 6: What else Can You Use Huobi Point Card For?

Aside from paying for trading fees, you can also use Huobi Point Card to pay Margin loan fees.


Question 7: How Does Huobi Charge Fees If Huobi Point Card Balance Not Enough?

Huobi seems to prioritize it over others for fees payment, which means for example if your trading fee equal $200 and you only have $150 worth of point card credit, then the Huobi Point Card will first be used up and the $50 balance will be deducted from your other cryptos like Huobi Token, USDT or any other as set by you in your trading or margin account.


Question 8: What Is The Rate Of Huobi Point Card To USDT?

The rate is 1 Huobi Point Card = 1 USDT Trading Fee. That means for example if you have 1,000Huobi Point  Card credit in your account, then you have an equivalent of $1,000USDT to use towards your trading fees.


Question 9: How To Save Upto 50%-80% Trading Fees On Huobi Exchange?

Check the video above for detailed answers with secret tips to save up to 50-80% on Huobi trading fees using Huobi Point Card.


Question 11: How To Join Huobi?

You can register on Huobi for free and enjoy some bonuses using my affiliate link here – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ON HUOBI EXCHANGE!


Question 12: Other Frequently Asked Questions About Huobi

Do you still have any questions relating to Huobi Point Card? Then feel free to ask me below and will do my best to answer promptly.


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