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[Solved] Solar Inverter System: Generator vs Inverter Which is Best - All you need to Know  



This article covers all you need to know to make a choice between solar power inverter system and Generator

Plus over 100 most asked questions and answers about inverter, solar inverters, inverter battery, solar powered inverter price, solar panel and charge controller.

In this guide I will reveal how I set up a 3.5KVA solar powered inverter system in my home/office to replace generator,

the list of needed equipment, maintenance and installation cost in Nigeria to break free from power supply issues in Nigeria, Pay Less on NEPA monthly and enjoy electricity supply

without the disturbing noise of generator [Your neighbour and community will thank you for this -Why?

some people generator's noise can be heard from their second to the third street (about 5 houses from their left, right, front and backyard -lol).

I also try to simplify this article so it is not for technical people because have removed confusing technical terms as much as I can.


6 Reasons Why You Need To Start Migrating From Generator To Solar Powered Inverter 


Gen Vs Solar Inverter

1) Generators are cheaper to buy but long term maintenance and cost of running it daily are very costly (fuel, oil, servicing and lot more)

But Solar inverter system is costly to set up but at the longtime need little to zero maintenance in the first 2years plus of installation. Solar panels can last up to 10-25years with losing just about 25% efficiency even at 25years of continuous usage.

The batteries usually work efficiently for at least 2years (even after 2years it keeps working and just the storage capacity that drops with time just like when using phone and gradually the battery life reduces but if you are connected to solar as this article focus not just inverter but with solar, then you are covered as the solar supply you steady light all through the day saving the battery even more).

Who Won? = Solar Inverter System


2) A generator is noisy, even the silent ones cannot be compared to the noiseless nature of Solar Inverter system with only the cooling fan making minimal noise when the inverter needs some cooling down and stops ones that achieved.

Your neighbours will thank you for this as you switch your noise disturbing generator set to the silent solar inverter.

Who Won? = Solar Inverter System


3) A generator is deadly due to the carbon dioxide fume generated from it making it dangerous to use indoor (there had been cases of a whole family found dead for putting up generator overnight indoor) While Solar inverter can even conveniently be placed within a one-room apartment without any health hazard.

Who Win? = Solar Inverter System


4) A generator is not environmentally friendly and contributes to global warming harming our environment and altering the cause of nature and seasons WHILE Solar inverter system is friendly and emit nothing harmful to the environment.

Who Win? = Solar Inverter System


5) A generator provides less convenience as average Nigerian can not afford to put on their generator overnight for cost and security sake.

Thus, most times need to go out of the house to put off generator midnight (I hate that even before I ported to a solar inverter, if like me I love to have power overnight, not have to stand up midnight to off the generator and put the house in dark). While Solar powered inverter makes it most convenient to put on and off within the house. Even mine is auto switch off and on when NEPA/PHCN light is available or not.

Who Win? = Solar Inverter System


6) Generator fuel is costly with either petrol or diesel prices not even predictable and could suddenly become scarce due to strike and other issues. While the fuel (Solar - sun ray energy) for your Solar system is readily available in abundance by nature all through the Year in this part of our world.

Who Win? = Solar Inverter System



Wahoo, that's 6 rating points and Generator got zero and Solar powered inverter gets the whole 6 points. Incredible right? 😀 😀 😀 🤣 🤣 🤣 



NEPA/PHCN vs Solar Inverter

I guess nothing is as disappointing and unreliable as the power supply from NEPA/PHCN. Though it supplies at the rate all home/office appliances work fine but does remember that you are not in control. That means they may make it available when you don't need it and then put it off when you need it the most.

As for me would simply prefer to have my electricity supply controlled by me and that is where solar power inverter wins the game.



Solar Inverter System Setup Guide
List of What You Need To Setup Solar Inverter System in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world:

1) Inverter
2) Inverter Battery
3) Battery iron Rack
4) Solar Panel
5) Solar Charge Controller
6) Cable
7) Solar Panel Stand/Hanger (optional)

1) Inverter
Pure sine wave meaning
Brief features of my Inverter
Popular/Trusted Brands in Nigeria
Where to buy Inverter

2) Inverter Battery
Brief feature of my battery
Where to buy Inverter Battery

3) Battery iron Rack

4) Solar Panel
Types of Solar Panel
Brief features of my Solar panels
Where to buy Solar Panel

5) Solar Charge Controller
Types of Charge controller
Where to buy Solar Charge Controler
Brief tips from personal experience - I had to adjust the minimum battery voltage from 24 to 21
to make the charge control load (phone etc) charge if not it does not charge.

6) Cable

7) Solar Panel Stand/Hanger (optional)

Does and Don't of Solar Inverter System
To last, avoid allowing the battery to drain below 30-20% of the battery voltage
Reduce the use of AC appliances and switch them to DC (TV, Fan to a rechargeable fan, others)


Let us get started... I will be picking each of the above as answer below and you can comment questions directly under each to get help on it.

Thus, you need to register on this forum (It is FREE), login and come back to this article to access it fully.

In case you missed the link back here after sign in just use the forum search box and search for "Solar Inverter System" or you bookmark this link to come back to it easily after login.

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2 Answers

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1) Inverter

Simply put, an inverter is a machine that helps to convert DC to AC making it possible for you to power AC appliances in your home/office from Battery/solar panels.


Types of Inverter

There are different types of an inverter. Though I will not go into that deeply but only talk about the currently recommended one which is known as Pure sine wave meaning it supplies AC at a steady rate just like your NEPA/PHCN and reduces the rate of visible light fluctuations to power appliances effectively. Remember we are not talking technical terms here, so let skip and move on.


Brief features of my Inverter

I have said what makes this review unique is that it, not some company paying me to review what have not even used myself. Nope! It precisely one year that I started using my inverter as am written this article (May,2019).

My Inverter is:

😍  3.5KVA (3,500 Watts)

 🤩 Pure Sine Wave

 😘 Auto power switch between power sources like NEPA and Solar Panels

 🙄 Auto cooling fan (fan only power on when the inverter had reached over room temperature 30 degrees above and stops to make it even noiseless once the inverter cools)

 🍒 Powered by two 200mAh Batteries making 24V/400mAh (Each battery is 12volts)

 🤪 Fast charge enabled - means it charges about two to three times faster than the normal inverters you see around. At the low battery level, it charges the two batteries (400mAh) fully in 2-3 hours maximum. The common inverters mostly charge for 6-8 hours before its full.


Popular/Trusted Inverter Brands in Nigeria

This section I will be listing out trusted brands in Nigeria. My isn't any of those popular names in Nigeria but never regretted or repaired it for over 1years of use. So, if you have any suggestions add as a comment under here for it to be listed but if it to review it then reach out to admin via the contact page.


Where to buy Inverter

To be added later. Send in details if you have verifiable inverter sales business.


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I can help handle Web design, Digital Marketing, grow real followers on social media, whiteboard animation, crypto investments, blog and also offer TRAINING in all above mentioned and make money online guides.

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You havent touched the most important point: The cost of setting up the solar inverter system


Thanks for your comment. Very sorry, been busy off this article for now and also just did some upgrade to my solar and still observing them all.
If you want to setup you can contact me on whatsapp 07066052228, will take on pricing based on the capacity needed.

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