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Toilet Infection: Causes and Solution To Vaginal CANDIDIASIS/Toilet Infection  



Menance of Vaginal CANDIDIASIS
................. (Toilet Infection)............
In the last one year, I perfectly can account for not less than five (5) beautiful & well behaved ladies that have lose their about to be wedded husbands due to the embarrassment of toilet infection.Without mincing words, we can say that almost all men need a woman with clean gynecology and perfect health.
.....The last lady lose the guy due to incessant discharges that were always more than enough to stain her undies. You know what that means. Marriage fixed etc but in a blink of eye, it was cancelled.
Candidiasis therefore, is number one health problem of ladies today; Guys inclusive but not much. It is either induced through unhealthy lifestyles or contacted from toilet. Lesbians and sexually active guys stands at higher risk of getting infected. Laymen call it toilet infection. Candida albican is the devil behind this. It can affect any part of the body ranging from the head to the toe. Of all part of the body affected, genital region is the most susceptible. In women, the vagina; In men, the penis.
The disease is marked by over-growth of normal genital candida as soon as acidic-alkaline ratio of the genitalia is altered.
1. Chronic use of strong antiseptics at higher concentration during bathing & Vaginal Douching.
2. Use of hard Medicated soaps in vaginal cleansing.
......N/B: Ladies should know that no amount of cleansing is potent enough to make the vagina completely odourless. It can never and will never be odourless. God originally placed some amount of scent (aroma not odour ) in it to serve as sex appetizer to the male counterparts. In scientific world, we call it pheromones. Please observe a male goat sniffing a female counterpart-but it's not a must you do it that way. The vagina has its own natural flora. Its self cleansing ability never slags. So chill jare.
3. Contact with foreign candida elements through sex or physical contacts and toilets.
4. Chronic use of rubber based pants and tight clothes.
5. Wearing panties all through the night even in a very hot weather .
6. Oral sex etal
7. Abuse of antibiotics.
8. Demonic powers that want you single all through life.
It affect women most. The following are obtainable....
1. It alters your vaginal acidity
2. It attack your husband sperms. Can make you go barren for years until treated.
3. Your chance of having baby boy is so slim.
4. At a point, it can induce PID that may end up blocking your tubes.
5. Undue embarrassments from the itching, odour & discharge. Others around may notice it.
6. This may become fatal with time.
1. In ladies; Intense vaginal itching. It can be so embarrassing most often.../Public scratching/
2. Profuse vaginal discharge with itching. Most often, the colour is brownish -white. It can be much that special sanitary pad is required else undies can be stained.
3. Burning sensation during urination.
4. Painful & pepperish sex. Those are the basic symptoms.
5. Offensive vaginal odour.
In men....
1. Penile itching. Some can scratch until they wound self.
2. Peperish sex and urination.
3. Offensive penile odour.
1. Avoid sitting type of public toilets. Squatting types are ideal.
2. Avoid tight clothings and rubber pants.
3. Don't share undies. Learn to be selfish a bit.
4. Avoid much of antibiotics
5. Avoid douching with hard chemicals and soaps.
6. Avoid over concentrated antiseptic water for bathing.
7. Use soft soaps only except on prescription were precautions will be given.
8. Stop wearing pants to bed. Allow the zone to be ventilated adequately.
9. Casual sex isn't allowed.
10. Avoid accepting oral sex from a man whose sexual health you don't know.
11. Lesbianism should be made your number one enemy. Imagine what happens during grinding.
12. Men's work are not much here. Just blank casual sex.
Some can treat this infection successfully.
In others ,they may be a re-occupancy after some Months. The symptoms improve today and in three months time, its back. The reason isn't far fetched.
1. Its either you met the wrong clinician
2. Wrong diagnosis
3. Wrong medications.
4. Sometimes, right medications but wrong administration.
5. For the most stubborn ones, prayers must be engaged.
With proper diagnosis and Professional counselling, this can be treated once and for all.

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